You are just one conversation + one action away...

It’s time to take action

Regardless of your circumstances right now, you are just one conversation and one action away from having everything you want.

I know it may not feel that way because being stuck, SUCKS, but identifying the right actions, and practicing those actions, will turn those sucky feelings into miracles! I support individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions with getting unstuck by teaching you how to identify and honor how you really feel; how to find gratitude in the circumstance; and how to stay grounded in your core beliefs. As a result, you become unlocked and able to get the results that your spirit and soul have longed for.

I am Divinely Connected to Source and I am a Healer, Truth Seeker, Speaker, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and Action and Self-Love Coach.

“I believe that we are put on this planet to listen to, nurture and honor our spirits. I help you remember the parts of yourself that have been dormant or forgotten. I help you return to YOU.”

So what are you waiting for?



To return people back to their purpose.


For people to live unapologetically unleashed in their purpose, on purpose, creating a world of possibility for all, regardless of race, gender, class or sexual orientation.


  1. We believe that we are just one conversation and one action away from having everything that we want.
  2. We believe that access to our purpose, power and our unlimited potential comes from our willingness and consistent practice of loving ourselves so deeply that we can hear, and viscerally feel, what our spirit and higher self is communicating.
  3. We believe that as we listen to what our spirit communicates, the next action will present itself, we just have to listen and honor the direction given.

This is how our purpose unfolds – one question at a time, one moment at a time, and one intentional action at a time.

Let’s Pursue You supports people with remembering how to tune inward so that they can hear what their divine instruction is, enabling them to create a life of ease, flow, purpose and ultimate fulfillment. We intentionally design experiences, programs and content designed to give you the most delicious, juiciest and priceless gift ever – YOU.

Our approach behind our products and services is grounded in Mahatma Gandhi’s quote:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

Since 2011, I have reached thousands of people through my 30-day self-love challenges, action days, workshops and one-on-one coaching programs and I have supported individuals with taking over 200 actions to transform their personal and professional lives.

Ready to jumpstart your life?

Talk to Akua about creating the life that you desire and that you deserve!



30 Day Challenges

30 days challenges to jumpstart an area of your life. Look out for the next one on my events page, or better yet follow us on IG @LetsPursueYou to keep up to date!

Journey 2 Power Program

A 6-month, virtual, one-on-one coaching program where you are supported with reclaiming power in the areas of your life where you feel least powerful.


A 5-7 day group experience where you are taken on a journey that leads you to, or reminds you of, your purpose, your power and your position. With experiences in locations like the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, you are pushed (physically, spiritually and mentally) to ensure that you will hear, and listen to, your divine guidance – in ANY circumstance. Trust, life will never be the same! (Frequency: April and July)


A 10 hour, group experience where I support you and 5 or more with getting in action around an area of your life that is important to you. You will accomplish 7 intentional actions to move you 7 steps closer to fulfilling on a goal. (Program Cycle: 2 times a year)


A 5-10 hour, one-on-one experience where I support you with getting in action around an area of your life that is important to you. You will accomplish at least 7 intentional actions to move you 7 steps closer to fulfilling on a goal. (Program Cycle: Ongoing, just ask!)


A four week program consisting of a weekly call to support individuals with projects or businesses jumpstart your day and support you with identifying (and taking) the actions you need to take to move your project or business forward so you can get the results you want.

Ready to jumpstart your life?

Talk to Akua about returning back to you.


  • My first conversation with Akua surfaced something so profound and simply true that I had to sit with the revelation for a few minutes, just be with the insight. More than her insights, her clarity in the line of questioning she takes, her willingness to be a conduit for divine wisdom and her acknowledgement of that fact, is what grounds her work. Here is a humble brand of power and effectiveness that compels you into action.

    Michelle WonsleyThe Brearley School / Director of Community Life
  • Being successful as an entrepreneur and service provider has its challenges. Everyone wants a piece of you and I needed help with this. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and I was performing the way I use to. My time management was horrible. Since working with Akua, I got really clear on what specific obstacles were stopping me from accomplishing my goals and now I am actually getting things done.

    Chris Kazi RolleRelationship Coach
  • I had a significant breakthrough in how I see myself and live my life. With Akua’s guidance, I was able to break through the barriers of believing I wasn’t smart or wasn’t good enough and create a new belief that through healing, ever fiber of my being is open to genius and resourcefulness. I’ve made concrete progress in developing a business idea as well as healing old hurts that have kept me from allowing love, passion, and true healing to enrich my life.

    Deauna Gibbs

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