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  • My first conversation with Akua surfaced something so profound and simply true that I had to sit with the revelation for a few minutes, just be with the insight. More than her insights, her clarity in the line of questioning she takes, her willingness to be a conduit for divine wisdom and her acknowledgement of that fact, is what grounds her work. Here is a humble brand of power and effectiveness that compels you into action.

    Michelle Wonsley
    Michelle WonsleyThe Brearley School / Director of Community Life
  • Being successful as an entrepreneur and service provider has its challenges. Everyone wants a piece of you and I needed help with this. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and I was performing the way I use to. My time management was horrible. Since working with Akua, I got really clear on what specific obstacles were stopping me from accomplishing my goals and now I am actually getting things done.

    Chris Kazi Rolle
    Chris Kazi RolleRelationship Coach
  • I had a significant breakthrough in how I see myself and live my life. With Akua’s guidance, I was able to break through the barriers of believing I wasn’t smart or wasn’t good enough and create a new belief that through healing, ever fiber of my being is open to genius and resourcefulness. I’ve made concrete progress in developing a business idea as well as healing old hurts that have kept me from allowing love, passion, and true healing to enrich my life.

    Deauna Gibbs
    Deauna Gibbs
  • Akua helped me to recognize my unproductive ways of thinking and consciously replace them with empowering thoughts about myself and my life. When those old lies and feelings come up, I now have a personalized mantra that reminds me of my Truth. The process has opened up access to an invaluable freedom and greater inner peace. I love and appreciate Akua’s ability to take a stand for the expression of my highest self in a patient, loving, and no-nonsense kind of way.

    Kiyama Brown
  • Dismantling my beliefs with Akua has been a major breakthrough for me. Prior to my coaching session I am clear that I was playing to look good. Doing just enough, but not going full out. So much so that I truly felt, in all areas of my life, that I did not belong here. During my coaching session, my belief around self love was that I was a mistake. While dismantling my beliefs was such an eye opener, the creation of my new belief reminds me that I have a choice. By simply letting go [of my old belief], I give myself freedom. My new belief around self love is "when I allow myself to let go, my freedom to create and my access to love arises. I now find myself chanting this to myself pretty often.

    Izetta Henderson
    Izetta HendersonStylist, Fashionista + Buyer
  • Our one on one session was beyond helpful!!! It really has changed my life. Not a day goes by that I don't say or think about my new belief that when I say no, I am saying YES to me, to my life and to my freedom! I find myself saying no a lot more now than before our session. I stop and think, "what will I be sacrificing if I say yes to someone else?" I know I have more to work on, but this has been a big step and I'm grateful that Let's Pursue You exists.

    Pauline Samuel
  • Before participating in the Self-Love Challenge, I had a tough time speaking up for myself. It was difficult for me to voice my opinion, express my personality, and demand the respect that I deserve. My conversation with Akua helped me tap into the source of my insecurities, and during our call, I was guided to create a powerful mantra that I now have taped above my workspace: "When I use my voice, I move." I repeat this mantra whenever my faith wavers, and whenever the butterflies begin to flutter in the pit of my stomach before new projects and conversations. My one-on-one work with Akua gave me the fuel to become a more confident woman and creator.

    Andrea Boston
    Andrea BostonMultimedia Storyteller

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