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Blue Mountains, Jamaica | APRIL 2018
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LYANI | Mother, Interior Designer, 2017 Participant

Sunday, April 26 – Friday, May 1, 2020

The One Love Intensive is an intimate and multi-sensory 4.5 day, 5-night healing and self-mastery experience for women of Pan-African descent.  

This intensively gentle & rigorous experience uses sound, nature, fitness, critical thinking and carefully curated wisdom and contributions from people who have cultivated practices of love and/or who have designed things that resonate love.

Immersed within the inspiring vibes, history and plush greenery of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, six (6) women embark on a deeply personal, intellectual & spiritual journey of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-realization, while practicing being loving with themselves; and while being met with intentionally curated and divine moments of peace, joy and creativity.

…You have to take care of yourself…FIRST.  It does nobody justice if you are operating at beneath 100%. 

Daily Flow.

Our days consist of a rich blend of independent work, collective work, and 1:1 workouts that challenge participants to stay focused on themselves, only. 

The daily experiences consist of mind and body workouts like walking, talking, sitting, laughing, dancing, eating, writing, gazing, asking, listening, thinking, listening, singing, offering, receiving, releasing and thanking.

Each workout is intentionally designed to strengthen our concentration, clarity, communication, memory, focus, discipline, acceptance, trust, confidence and integrity with and within ourselves and the larger world around us. 

What To Expect By The End.

By the end of the experience, each woman emerges with their own unique Blueprint for Living in Love – which will capture their best practices for practicing love with themselves and others – regardless of the circumstances.

Who is this Designed For?

The One Love Intensive is designed for the woman seeking to feel good in her mind, in her body and in her spirit again, and for the woman seeking to develop an ongoing practice for maintaining this feeling, by any means necessary. 

    • It is for mothers who are committed to ensuring that their children learn how to cultivate practices of love early on.
    • It is for leaders who are committed to leading from a center of love.
    • It is for artists and creatives who are committed to designing from a place of love.
    • It is for women committed to personal growth and development.
  • It is for women desiring clarity and peace of mind.


Women leave this experience resonating love on a deep level, and this resonance is highly contagious. Be prepared for more of it, more often. 

Are you ready?

Join us, April 26 – May 1, 2020 to begin your One Love Intensive transformation in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. 

6 spaces available.

Double occupancy

$333 non-refundable down payment.
Roommate(s) will be assigned by host.
*Prices listed are per person. Payment plans available.


Ground transportation to/from Prince Valley Eco-Lodge*
Organic Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
One-on-One and Group Coaching
Nature Activities and Experiences


Ready to secure your spot?

Email us at for more information on how to make your payments and to get set-up!

Jamaica awaits… 

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