I am an Action + Life Coach.

I am lovable, intense, playful, and no-nonsense when it comes to supporting people with accomplishing their goals. I am clear that my purpose is to have people win in the areas of their life that they want to excel in. My purpose is to have you get the results that you desire – whatever that is – with velocity.

How do you know if I am the right coach for you?

Here’s a little insight into my coaching style:

  • My focus is on self-care first, because I believe if you aren’t sustaining yourself with the things you need to operate at your full-potential, then your actions are pointless because they will reap short term happiness and success. I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in seasonal wins, I’m committed to your long-term success and happiness (and hopefully you are too)!
  • I am a straight talk, no chaser type of coach.
  • I am action oriented, so I don’t allow you to focus too much on all the details of what happened, I want you to get in action so that you can get the results you desire. Period.
  • I treat you like the big girl or big boy that you are. Because you ARE.

Thanks to the phone and internet, most of my coaching services are accessible to anyone, anywhere. I am just a quick phone call away!

If you are ready to put on your big girl panties or your big boy boxers so that you can get the results that you want in your life, then I am the right coach for you!

If not, no worries, no love lost, there are other ways we can still grow together so sign up for something and stay in touch!

Other interesting things
about me and Let’s Pursue You:

Company Positioning: With the growing and often overwhelming number of opportunities, partnerships and programs that you are presented with, it can be challenging to decipher what is for you and what is not for you.  Let’s Pursue You supports individuals, groups and entrepreneurs with developing the muscle to listen to, nurture and honor their spirits, so that the velocity at which their desired outcomes emerge, is inevitable. Through one-on-one coaching, group programs, 30-day challenges, action marathons, live experiences and a healthy balance of self-care, Let’s Pursue You is creating a movement of action-oriented folks that believe in the mantra “we are just one conversation and one action away from having everything we want.”

I am: the founder of the Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit; the VP of Dream Directing at the Future Project; the former Assistant Camp Director for the Lil Raggamuffin Summer Camp; and a proud auntie of four nieces and one nephew.

I am a visionary who creates movements, moments and monumental shifts within individuals, families and communities. I am committed to unraveling the beliefs that hinder people from maximizing their full potential and I have supported over 2,500 people across the globe through my work.

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